SwadesiTV on Western Digital Device

SwadesiTV on Western Digital Device

All New activations have been stopped for this device.

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If you have already subscribed for a package on PC and would like to activate the same on Western Digital Device,

Please follow the below steps.

  1. On home screen of your WD TV Live Streaming Player select "Services" option.
  2. Select the Movies & TV tab, then you will see SwadesiTV App
  3. Select SwadesiTV app and press OK.
  4. If you have subscribed to a particular SwadesiTV package, choose language and click on your package
  5. You will get a 5 digit code from that package
  6. Go to www.swadesitv.com/wdtv on your PC and type in the activation code
  7. Your SwadesiTV account shall get linked with your WD TV box
  8. Close the SwadesiTV app and Reopen SwadesiTV app
  9. You will see My Account in SwadesiTV.
  10. Enter in My Account and you shall see your subscribed Package